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Mike and Mignon. The Farmers' Story.

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Hey this is Mike and Mignon! Welcome to our Farm web site. We hope that you will give us the privilege to partner with you in your journey to find good healthy food!

We have been together since February 2019, but seemingly walking the same path toward health and fitness even before then.

I (Mike) reached a crossroads of sorts and made the decision to do something about my weight and overall health. I concentrated on food, fitness, and holistic lifestyle focus.

From a food standpoint I moved from processed foods and high sugar foods to foods that are natural, fresh, and have no added sugar. I began to drink more water, and pay attention to the things that were in my foods. For some of that I went back to my childhood and memories of my Papa Thompson and the garden.

I grew up watching and helping him work out in a small family garden. Tomatoes, beans, corn, and other common southern garden veggies. As an adult I always liked having a garden. No mater how small. One of my first gardens had many of the things Papa would grow. My garden improved over the years, and the fun that I have increased with the success. Then, as my health and nutrition became a concern it became a necessity.

Fitness took the form of regular gym workouts. I started at a local gym and I was off to the races. It was fun, invigorating, and helped me stay focused. Focus was needed to continue to pair the food and change to a healthy lifestyle.

Food, fitness and staying focused is always easier and more fun when you have a partner to enjoy all of that with. Enter Mignon in February 2019. We met at a restaurant brunch 1st date that lasted longer than either of us realized at the time. We connected and started a beautiful journey together.

I (Mignon) have always had health and fitness as a staple of my life. I was raised by a ballerina mother and took nutrition classes at the Greenville Fine Arts Center. But, there was something going on inside of me that was constantly bothering me and causing me to feel ill.

On a 2005 mission trip to India, I had the good fortune to meet a holistic doctor who listened to my story and soon thereafter diagnosed me with Celiac Disease. My body reacts adversely to the gluten proteins found in most commercially prepared foods. I had to do something to change my diet. I started a new food journey that has helped me feel better, stronger, and healthier over the last 15ish years than at any point up to that fateful meeting with my doctor.

Fresh all natural foods like we grow and offer for sale have made all the difference in my diet and well being. Salads and other greens have become a part of my everyday life. When Mike and I started seeing each other having a healthy natural diet was one of the things that we meshed really well on.

In the Spring of 2020 as the pandemic forced everyone to stay home, Mike suggested we start a small garden and I was in agreement having grown my own veggies in the past. So we broke ground, planted tomatoes, spinach, beans, zucchini, squash and okra.


It is so freeing to walk out to your own backyard and pick fresh produce for the week. As Mike researched more to find the most nutritious veggies he came across a small discovery that we have found makes a huge difference! Microgreens!

We had seen them as just garnish, but we quickly realized how much of a nutritional punch they carry. Some research has shown that micros can carry of to 40 TIMES the nutrients as their full grown versions.

Here at Lockwood MICRO Farm we offer these mighty mites of nutrition because they are cool, fun to grow, beautiful, and offer such benefit to health and flavor of your dishes. You can find them at our partner's locations, but you can also buy them as you need them or through our convenient subscriptions.

But don't worry we will still be growing their big brothers! We will focus on the most nutritious and beneficial vegetables you can buy, and they will be naturally grown and pesticide free to protect you and your family.

We look forward to meeting you, serving you as your local farmer, and we want to hear your stories as well!

Go join our community forums, Like our Facebook Page, and Follow us on Instagram! We want to see your food creations, stories of success, or just say HELLO!

Naturally Yours,

Mike and Mignon

Lockwood Micro Farm

Urban. Healthy. Local.


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